Thursday, July 7, 2011

Video Progess and general foolery

365 Challenge intro (rough) from steve richert on Vimeo.

So tomorrow morning was supposed to be a sunrise filming event for the 365 Film, but between weather and people bailing and all sorts of "life" happening, well, its going to have to wait till another day.

Guiding has been very slow for me recently, giving me a lot of time to crank out these mini sections of film and I recently joined a more conventional fitness center to pass the time, which quite honestly made my skin crawl as I worked out there today for the first time...not used to so many people all up in my space.

The facebook and twitter progress is very slow; it seems like no one is taking notice of what we are doing we have to keep trying harder! I am psyched because I just found out that my niece is coming up this way and wants to get out climbing--its always a great big time when family is willing to get on a rope with me!

Ok, enjoy the video--more to come!

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