Monday, July 11, 2011

Friends and Lovers

Since the last post, a lot has been going on. For one, thing we started up our Facebook page and so far have just over 40 "likes" at the time of this posting. I have no idea how that compares with the progress that other ventures experience, but it seems to be steady progress and that's what matters. If you have not done so yet, you can help us out a LOT by "liking" us on Facebook and recommending us to your friends.

The biggest step has been the launching of the web page. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Stefanie, the site has progressed from an amorphous lump of dung to what you see now--which looks BAD ASS! Please be patient with the development of the web page--you can see that it is going to be fantastic, but it will take some time to get it really dialed in.

We will have links on there for donations and we will also tie in our blog and FB pages there too...but I will keep you updated on that progress here and through FB updates! Right now, the biggest objective is to get people talking about the project and get them interested--and telling your friends costs nothing and is a HUGE help and is greatly appreciated!

So yesterday (returning to the relevance of the title of this post) Stefanie and I and Trevor and his girlfriend Vanessa headed out to the Gunks to climb and have one last hurrah on the rocks together before Trevor and I head out west. We will be heading out this Friday (7.15) for a month, to sort out some logistics for the 365 Challenge, and to get a bunch of footage to give everyone a nice sexy preview of what is to come! I will be updating the blog from the road so stay tuned for more pix and videos!

A nice "candid" (read:appalling) shot of myself assessing the scene of the climbs..."Snookys Return 5.8" and Trevor who is demonstrating the "one-handed-no-look-belay" as Vanessa enjoys "Friends and Lovers 5.9". Everyone sent in good style and no one was dropped.

A few shots of myself on "Friends and Lovers" --these pictures were taken with the GoPro HD hero (a fun little HD camera frequently advertised on this very site)

Our lovely camerawoman, my lovely wife and partner in the 365 Challenge. Every picture and video is a result of laborious efforts on the part of someone who is shooting instead of climbing--and oddly enough, they are never (or rarely) in the pictures! I want to make sure credit is given where it is due. Thanks, Stef!

I had been up all last night making a short movie of me leading "Snookys" but apparently I goofed it up when I saved it so I am going to post it up separately.
I am excited to get on the road again and to share this preview of the 365 Challenge with you.

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