Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Next steps--inching forward...

Over the coming weeks and months we will have a lot of prep work going on--we have less than 6 months till the 365 Challenge actually kicks off, so we will be busy getting things rolling.

We have a proper website under construction, which will have donation information, bios, sponsors and our links to the JDRF website and more! Getting the page up and running is priority one--but in the meantime there is much to do.

I am producing a short video feature (I just started making movies, so it may be a bit unpolished to start with) to give everyone a more concrete idea of who I am and what my vision is for the 365 Challenge. I know that a lot of people don't get drawn into the written word and would like more visually appealing material to enjoy...

Here is the first real video I have made--more to come soon!

Boulder of the gods from steve richert on Vimeo.

So over the next month or so I have a mini-movie to make, which is a LOT of work (but it's fun work, for the most part) and I think it will really make this challenge come alive for folks watching. Part of this will involve taking a month long "pre-view" climbing trip out west to visit and film the locations (some of them, at least) that we will be visiting during the course of the 356 Challenge...I will be blogging the entire debacle--er--adventure, right here, replete with video shorts, pictures and seasoned with my colorful prose!

Like I said, its FUN work!

Tentatively I leave NY on 7.15.11, so prior to that time I am going to be shooting some local climbing videos with the help of some friends--in fact we are going to pull an "all-nighter" and shoot some sunrise footage on Friday morning!

That's right--there is exceptional rock climbing in New York State--but I don't intend to spoil that all just yet--wait and see!

In the meantime, please follow this blog and SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

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